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  • Is there a better way to express number 2?
  • 4 is a syntax error, and more generally it's not obvious what you're aiming for with any of these. A literal translation of 1 would be "unbox ace", while a literal translation of 3 would be "head nor tail" -- these don't seem to be common phrases. And 0 seems useless. Perhaps an example would illustrate the point?
    • Perhaps the solution to 0 answers some of your questions? -- Roger Hui <<DateTime(2006-05-19T19:40:45Z)>>
    • Yep, Roger got 0.
    • You got 3 (10400000 hits for [head nor tail] on Google).
    • You did not get 1, which is why it doesn't make sense to you. They can't __all__ be obvious.
    • Regarding 4, the __J phrases__ must not produce errors. But 4 is not a J phrase, it is an English idiom. The "puzzle" column may be a J phrase to translate to an English idiom or a English idiom to translate to a J phrase (notice the problem spec says "or vice-versa").
    • These early puzzles are easy and meant to stimulate interest in creating harder ones. They're poor witticisms in the sense demonstrated at Essays/Witticisms, which generally derive their translations by their actions (what they do), not their composition (what they're made of).
  • #7 is better described as "big deal", seeing as how the dyad ? is "deal" ("roll" is the monad). -- Roger Hui <<DateTime(2009-09-28T12:04:38-0800)>>
    • Ok, changed & noted.