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New layout of Base Library when it is moved to Addons during __J6__ to __J7__ migration.

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  • an optional script is such that is not loaded any front end and requires load'script' in the session
  • the system folder will only contain required (non-optional) scripts to support session functionality
  • all optional scripts are moved to addons
  • separation into "classes" folder is artificial, being an implementation choice of methodology; the packages should be grouped by content
  • labs and data files should reside in the same folder structure as scripts


  • some dependencies may prevent moving some packages to addons. E.g. Configure dialog depends on 'grid', 'grid' depends on 'gl2'
    • to resolve such dependencies, J base distribution should include some core addons
    • 'base' package should have DEPENDS specified for such core addons
      • however console session does not require graphics addons
      • so 'base' may be subdivided into major sections, each with its own dependencies
  • Are there sections that would be necessary for console but not gui sessions, or does gui support simply require additional functionality over and above that required for the console? In other words would the major sections be: base and gui, or base (common), console, gui


I agree with the suggestions that the classes folder be grouped in with other folders based on content. If desirable they could be tagged with "class"?

I wonder whether there might be support for Addon Profiles. These would enable users to download a group of addons based on their chosen profile - much the same as install routines ask if you want a "Normal", "Minimal" or "Complete" install. Other more domain specific profiles could be added such as "Financial", "Statistical" ...

-- Ric Sherlock <<DateTime(2009-09-22T11:20:01+1300)>>

Migration Table

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