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The Gtk IDE is available for windows 32/64, linux 32/64 and Mac OSX 10.5 and later for Intel 32/64. It requires the Gtk binaries, plus the Gtk addons.

The Gtk binaries need to be downloaded for Windows and Mac, and saved in ~/install/gtk. The Gtk binaries are usually already installed on Linux. The GtkSourceView component should also be installed, if possible.

Prerequisite for the Mac

For the Mac platform, you should first update to the latest base library, as follows. Start jconsole then:

require 'pacman'
'update' jpkg ''
'install' jpkg 'base library'

When finished, restart J and continue with the install instructions below.

All Platforms

To download the required components, start jconsole (you will need to start jconsole with Administrator rights if you did a System install on Vista/Win7) then:

install 'gtkide'

When finished, restart J. To run the Gtk IDE, enter:

load 'gtkide'

Alternatively, create a J shortcut with a final parameter of gtkide, e.g.

bin/jconsole gtkide


The gtk binaries are stored under in files:

    • [1]
    • [2]
    • [3]
    • [4]
    • [5]

These include language files for de, es, fr, ru and zh. Additional language files are in:

    • [6]


Source is in subversion at: