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After the website is updated to https (April 2019), pacman in earlier versions of J for Windows will no longer work.

J901 base library v9.01.03 and J807 base library v8.07.25 should already work correctly.

If you have an earlier system, then you can fix it as follows. Load J, then copy, paste and run the following single line of code:

(('=: exe,'' ''');'=: exe,'' --no-check-certificate ''') fssrplc jpath '~system/util/pacman.ijs'

This should return:

1 replacement made

If the fix has already been made, it will return:

no match found

After making the fix, load pacman:

load 'pacman'

and try using it.

This has been tested on j804 and later. A similar fix to add --no-check-certificate could be made for any earlier version of J.