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This page documents configuration files for J7.

Base Config

Common to Jconsole and GTK IDE

Location of config file: ~config/base.cfg

NB. base config
NB. interpreter config:
NB. BoxForm 0=linedraw 1=ascii (9!:7)
NB. BoxPos boxed output positioning (9!:17)
NB. DisplayForm output display form (9!:3)
NB.   The representation(s) to used for default displays of non-nouns.
NB.   1 atomic, 2 boxed, 4 tree, 5 linear, 6 paren.
NB. MemoryLimit memory limit (9!:21)
NB. Output output definition (9!:37)
NB. recent lists:
NB. RecentMax max entries in lists
NB. script formatting:
NB. Format is a numeric list:
NB.   0   0=no format, 1=do format
NB.   1   soft tab width (0=hard tab)
NB.   2   if remove multiple spaces in code
NB.   3   if indent explicit definition
NB.   4   if indent select
NB. Tags boxed list of tags files
NB. UserDict: boxed list of user dictionary for codecompletion
NB.   each dictionary contains one name per line as proposals for codecompletion
NB.   when running gtkide, gtkdocdict will be handled automatically and need not be included here
NB.   eg. '~/french.txt';'~/russian.txt'
NB. external programs:
NB. Browser web browser, used in Help
NB. Browser_nox browser (without X), used in Help
NB. EPSReader read encapsulated postscript files
NB. PDFReader read Adobe pdf files
NB. XDiff external differencing program
NB. Editor external editor program, %f=file name  %l=line number
NB. Editor_nox external editor program (without X), used in Linux only

BoxPos=: 0 0
DirTreeX=: 'release'
DisplayForm=: 5
Format=: 1 2 1 0 0
MemoryLimit=: _
Output=: 0 256 0 222
RecentMax=: 15
Tags=: '~Projects/tags';'~install/tags';'~addons/api/gtkinclude/tags'
UserDict=: ''

NB. =========================================================
NB. host dependent configs:
3 : 0''
select. UNAME
case. 'Darwin' do.
  BoxForm=: 0
  Browser=: ''
  Browser_nox=: ''
  EPSReader=: ''
  PDFReader=: ''
  XDiff=: ''
  Editor=: ''
  Editor_nox=: ''
case. 'Linux' do.
  BoxForm=: 0
  Browser=: ''
  Browser_nox=: '/usr/bin/w3m'
  EPSReader=: '/usr/bin/evince'
  PDFReader=: '/usr/bin/evince'
  XDiff=: '/usr/bin/meld'
  Editor=: 'geany +%l %f'
  Editor_nox=: 'vi -c%l %f'
case. 'Win' do.
  BoxForm=: 1
  Browser=: ''
  Browser_nox=: ''
  EPSReader=: 'c:/program files/ghostgum/gsview/gsview32.exe -e'
  PDFReader=: 'c:/program files/ghostgum/gsview/gsview32.exe -e'
  XDiff=: 'c:/program files/winmerge/winmergeu.exe'
  Editor=: 'notepad %f'
  Editor_nox=: ''

Latest version at [1]

GTK IDE Config

Location of config file: ~config/gtkide.cfg

NB. gtkide config

NB. appearance
NB. BoxForm overrides base BoxForm
BoxForm=: 0
EditScheme=: 'edit'
TermScheme=: 'term'

EditIcon=: '~bin/icons/jgreen.png'
TermIcon=: '~bin/icons/jgreen.png'

NB. xywh positions on first open (pixels or decimals)
TermPos=: 0 0.1 0.46 0.75
EditPos=: 0.46 0.05 0.54 0.75

NB. SideBar on left=0, or right=1
SideBar=: 0

NB. Snapshots if keep snapshots
NB. SnapshotX snapshot exclusion list
Snapshots=: 5
SnapshotX=: ''

NB. context help option: includes j=j dictionary, b=base library, g=gtkdocdict
NB. names will be searched in contexts of ContextHelp until a match is found
NB. eg. 'jb' search j dictionary first, then base library; gtk names ignored
ContextHelp=: 'jbg'

NB. characters to type for autocompletion
NB. choose a value too small will cause annoyance during typing
NB. effective value will be 3>.AutoCompletion
NB. enable/disable by 'Auto Completion' menu item option in Edit window
AutoCompletion=: 6

NB. codecompletion option: dictionary includes t=tags, d=dictionary, g=gtkdocdict
NB. tag        (t) requires addons/general/jtags
NB. dictionary (d) requires addons/general/userdict
NB. gtkdocdict (g) will be ignored if all the following conditions met,
NB.     t is included, and
NB.     Tags in base.cfg contains ~addons/api/gtkinclude/tags, and
NB.     the file ~addons/api/gtkinclude/tags exists
CodeCompletionOption=: 'tdg'

NB. valid characters in prefix of name
CodeCompletionKeyword=: 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz_'

NB. codecompletion box, width and height in pixels
CodeCompletionBox=: 300 300

NB. codecompletion box: scroll up/down rows when pressing PgUp/PgDn
CodeCompletionScroll=: 12

NB. session close prompt
NB. ConfirmClose: 0/[1]
NB. if confirmation prompt given when J session is closed
ConfirmClose=: 0

NB. script confirm change
NB. ConfirmSave: 0/[1]
NB. if confirmation prompt given on first save of script
ConfirmSave=: 0

NB. esc close prompt
NB. EscClose: 0/[1]
NB. if Esc key in Term may close the J session
EscClose=: 0

NB. if inputlog preserved between sessions
KeepInputLog=: 1

NB. =========================================================
NB. host dependent configs:
3 : 0''
select. UNAME
case. 'Darwin' do.
  FixFont=: 'Andale Mono 16'
  Terminal=: ''
case. 'Linux' do.
  FixFont=: 'monospace 10'
  Terminal=: 'gnome-terminal --working-directory="%1" &'
case. 'Win' do.
  FixFont=: 'lucida console 10'
  Terminal=: ''

Latest version at [2]

JHS Config

To be added.