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STATUS: The Accessible Vocabulary (NuVoc)

This page shows the current status of the Accessible Vocabulary project, aka NuVoc.


Better signposting of info for the total beginner.

Reformatting of page sections and rank/navbar


20 Jan 2014 Accessible Vocabulary announced on Programming forum
23 Jan 2014 Trial of shadow page: NuVocWithRank - to show rank for each primitive
24 Jan 2014 NuVocWithRank abandoned. Page: NuVoc now has "Comments" button to reveal rank info
12 Feb 2014 CategoryTerms - New categories of common programming concepts and how they appear in J
12 Feb 2014 NuVoc now has clear(?) signpost to latest (J User Guide) Standard Library Documentation
13 Feb 2014 Enhanced link-bar beneath title of primitive showing Rank Information in Vocabulary/RankInfo]]
25 Feb 2014 Vocabulary/Glossary - anchored list copied from JfC
25 Feb 2014 Vocabulary/PrimitivePaste - table of standardized pasteable links to NuVoc pages
23 Mar 2014 NuVoc portal, new layout. Some modifier pages split

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