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Sudoku, statistics, distributions, effect of noise on short-term memory, data chunking, mathematical brain area

Location:: ThomasNet

Meeting Agenda for NYCJUG 20120911

1. Beginner's regatta: generating complete Sudokus - how many are there?  See
"CodeGolf-SudokuGenerator.pdf" and "SolvedSudokuPuzzleGeneration.pdf".

2. Show-and-tell: Building families of statistical distributions - Poisson and
Beta - see "Beta distribution - selections.pdf".

3. Advanced topics: an example of high-dimensional data presentation - see
"Interactive High-Dimensional data presentation - GGobi.pdf" and

4. Learning, teaching and promoting J, et al.: data on how we think and what
makes us more or less effective as thinkers: see "Noisy surroundings take toll
on short.pdf", "Inattention blindness due to brain load.pdf", "Applying New
Rules Costly.pdf", "Motor Chunking - how our brains parse and concatenate
learned actions.pdf", "General Information about Chunking.pdf",
"Using Motor-Chunking in Education.pdf", and " Mathematics or Memory - collision
course in brain.pdf"

An example of a fun introduction to a language: see "Land of Lisp.pdf".

See "Pretty Pictures in J.pdf" and "Less Than Brute Force.pdf".



Beginner's Regatta




Advanced Topics


Learning, teaching and promoting J