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good publicity, red or black game, array programing, timing, parallel processing, program granularity, creating HTML in JHS, HTML5, introduction samples

Location:: offices of BEST, Hoboken

Meeting Agenda for NYCJUG 20110412

1. Beginner's regatta: some impressions of J - see "J 701 Impressions of an
Ordinary User.pdf" and "onBeingSurprisedByAProgrammingLanguage.pdf".

2. Show-and-tell: an example of solving a problem in an array-based manner -
see "RedOrBlackGame.pdf".

Some timing considerations: granularity and explicit versus implicit looping:
see "TimingsExplicitVsImplicitAndCoarseVsFine.pdf".

Creating HTML on-the-fly in JHS: see "MoreJHSEmbeddingContent.pdf".

3. Advanced topics: what HTML5 has to offer - see "HTML5 Feature Overview
and Some Examples.pdf" and "HowHTML5WillChangeTheWeb.pdf".

4. Learning, teaching and promoting J, et al.: how do we improve the OOB
(Out-Of-the-Box) experience of J?  See "InitialViewOfJ-StartupMessage.pdf",
"Initial Views of Some Programming Environments.pdf", "MatlabIntroExample-
Matrices and Magic Squares.pdf", and "Scheme Introduction by Dybvig.pdf".

Red or Black Game Parallelized

An example of running a simulation with multiple instances in parallel is here.


File:J 701 Impressions of an Ordinary User.pdf





File:HTML5 Examples.pdf


File:HTML5 in the Web browser-InfoWorld.pdf


File:Initial Views of Some Programming Environments.pdf

MatlabIntroExample-Matrices and Magic Squares.pdf

File:Scheme Introduction by Dybvig.pdf

File:HTML5 Feature Overview and Some Examples.pdf