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APL2010 Berlin, Rant on new features of J 7.01 beta, forecasting competition, video instruction, instruction examples to follow

Location:: ThomasNet

Meeting Agenda for NYCJUG 20100907

1. APL2010 Berlin: rehearsal of Devon's talk on parallelism;
see "SlidesOrder-minis.pdf".

2. A rant - see "Rant on Entering the Jungle from the Jardin.pdf" -
and a demo - see "J Demo on J-Server.pdf".

3. Advanced topics: competitions - see "InformsDataMiningContest201010090928.pdf"
and "Forecasting Tourism.pdf".

4. Learning, teaching and promoting J, et al.: see "An Example to Follow
for Teaching J.pdf" and "Khan Academy.pdf"; also, see "APL in 2020.pdf" (discussion
at the Berlin conference) and "Algorithms and Data Structures Mailing List.pdf".

APL2010 in Berlin

Here is a preview of the slides for my talk on implementing parallelism to use multiple cores in J: File:SlidesOrder-minis.pdf

Some Thoughts About the J-Beta

Don Guinn rants about how overwhelming are all the new possibilities we're seeing with what's coming out of the J 7.01 beta release: File:Rant on Entering the Jungle from the Jardin.pdf He feels like he's been lifted out of a beautiful garden and dropped into a jungle.

One of the exciting new features is how we can now access a J-Server through a browser. File:J Demo on J-Server.pdf by using the Google charting API from such a session.

Advanced Topics - Some Contests

Here's information on some programming contests that Jedi should think about entering to help publicize the power of J: File:InformsDataMiningContest201010090928.pdf and File:Forecasting Tourism.pdf

Learning, teaching and promoting J

File:An Example to Follow for Teaching J.pdf that we should copy and adapt for showcasing J.

Also, File:Khan Academy.pdf with a math and science orientation.

What will APL be like in ten years? Here's a site devoted to this discussion which will also be the topic of a panel discussion at APL2010. Here's what has been raised so far as possible points for discussion: File:APL in 2020.pdf

File:Algorithms and Data Structures Mailing List.pdf in which J should have a higher profile.