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Good and bad tutorial examples, backgammon in J, mutex implementation, mutual exclusion using file-locking, algorithm publication, argument for executable algorithmic notation, Tabula for scientific calculations in various units, threads in J, Easter date calculation, parallel programming

Agenda for NYCJUG 20100713

1. Beginner's regatta: some different examples of tutorials - see "Backgammon
tools in J.pdf" and "Java Tutorial-Bad - Javascript Tutorial-Good.pdf".

2. Show-and-tell: A J implementation of "mutex" - see

3. Advanced topics: how might algorithms be better expressed in publication - see

Ian Clark's "Tabula": introduction and an example - see

Threads in J?  See Oleg's "JThreads.pdf".

4. Learning, teaching and promoting J, et al.: Would something like
this paper by Polivka motivate a beginner to learn APL (or J) - see "Ten
divisions to Easter by Ray Polivka.pdf"?  Also, a parallel-programming
conference - see "OSCONTalks-Plumbing-Parallel Programming for Artists
and Makers.pdf"

Meeting Materials