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Thinking in J, notation as a tool of thought, example of easy-to-understand PostScript, IDE, emacs, GTK, poker in J, motivation to code

Meeting Agenda for NYCJUG 20100615

1. Beginner's regatta: Thinking in J - see File:ThinkingInJ.pdf.

Drinking in J - see the NYCJUG placemat "".

2. Show-and-tell: An example of "Brownian Tree" J code for Rosetta Code - see File:DiffLimAggForRCeg.pdf.

3. Advanced topics: J 7.01 IDE versus emacs - how do I get "viewmat" to work? See File:JgtkIJS-1st6pp.pdf, File:J GTKIDE IJS-1st6pp.pdf and File:JGTKworking.pdf.

4. Learning, teaching and promoting J: Tracy Harms's poker talk - see File:TracyHarmsPokerTalk.pdf and File:ExamplesOfMotivationsToCode.pdf.