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APL2007 conference report, timings considered harmful for beginners, generalized solver, policy for implementing new release of J

Summary of Meeting

Meeting Agenda for NYCJUG of 20070311

             Meeting Agenda for NYC JUG 20071113

1. Beginner's regatta: steering novices in the right direction: how do
we move away from simple timing comparisons?  See "beginnerMisstepEG.txt".

2. Show-and-tell: APL2007 conference highlights.
$100 laptop - John to report?

3. Advanced topics: generalized solver fun - see "randTest.ijs",
"solverFibEG.txt", "Essays_Fibonacci Index - J Wiki.htm".

Who has a policy for implementing a new release of J? (Pépé?)

4. Learning and teaching J: lessons from APL2007 - reactions to J, lessons
from other languages and dialects.



First Topic


Second Topic


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