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NYCJUG meeting, Matlab, Reading J

NYC JUG Meeting of 20060711

Meeting Agenda for NYC JUG 20060711

             Meeting Agenda for NYC JUG 20060711

1. Beginner's regatta: what are beginner FAQs?

Building up the NYCJUG portion of the J Wiki.

2. [replacement for "Show-and-tell"]
Niches for J

What are potential niches for J?  John thinks that some MATLAB territory
is claimable by J.  This will only work if a domain expert can use the
program immediately: the argument that you first have to spend a year or
so getting up to speed on J is not a strong selling point.  Are then any
such areas we can identify?

3. Advanced topics: lessons from a day learning about Perl modules.
Perl is a relatively popular niche language with a community reminiscent
of the J community.  What can we learn from this language's strengths?

4. Learning and teaching J: John's "Rough Guide to Reading J" - explains,
for the intermediate-level user, how to read J code.


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The rest go on with their old measurements
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Beginner's regatta


Advanced topics

Learning and Teaching J


Scan of Meeting Notes