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"Literate Programming" in J Wiki is used in a broader sense as a set of practices, in particular, literate is not confined to specific needs of publishing or tools like classic WEB; and programming besides software products includes education through computer programs, illustrations of mathematical concepts in executable notation, etc.

Literate programming is a methodology that combines a programming language with a documentation language, thereby making programs more robust, more portable, more easily maintained, and arguably more fun to write than programs that are written only in a high-level language. The main idea is to treat a program as a piece of literature, addressed to human beings rather than to a computer. The program is also viewed as a hypertext document, rather like the World Wide Web. (Indeed, I used the word WEB for this purpose long before CERN grabbed it!) -- Donald E. Knuth Literate Programming book page.

To apply the Literate Programming methodolgy in practice for J programming, there is a Wiki Tool in the form of #!literate parser and Literate action, that allow to define, instant-publish thanks to Wiki, and produce J programs for execution (tangle).