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With each new release of J, it may be necessary to migrate earlier versions of labs to work correctly. Common problems include:

  • the lab fails with undefined names. Usually this is because the lab was developed in J6 or earlier, where the distribution included everything needed to run the lab. Recent distributions may require addons to run. If so, check and update the required dependencies.
  • the lab is obsolete in the current release of J. If so, add it to the EXALL exclusion list.
  • the lab makes essential use of some feature not present in your IDE (e.g. wd in JHS). If so, add it to the appropriate Lab exclusion list.

Otherwise, if the lab just needs minor changes, either update it directly or contact the author.

When testing, please ensure that you are running the latest IDE and addons.

For help migrating labs, either email to the general forum, or contact Chris Burke.