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The J IDEs provide menu access to some labs, but the following describes how a lab may be run from the session.

The Labs addon is read into locale jlab. The main function is lab_jlab_ which is also defined in z.

Calling lab with a file name starts a lab and displays relevant information:

   load 'labs/labs'                               NB. load the lab system

   lab '~addons/labs/labs/core/jtaste1.ijt'       NB. start the lab: A Taste of J (1)
ctrl+. or menu > advances (see noun labhelp)      NB. info depends on IDE
1 of 95 in '~addons/labs/labs/core/jtaste1.ijt'   NB. line and line count

Labs Advance

To advance through the lab, press the appropriate shortcut key, i.e. Ctrl+'.' in JHS or Ctrl+J in Jqt, or enter:

    lab 0