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The main grid globals other than user-defined options are given below.

Some of these are rotated or transposed when the grid is flipped. These are indicated with (f) following the name in the long description.

CellDFmt formatted CELLDATA
Crws,Ccls rows and columns of CELLDATA
Cxyst indices of CELLDATA
Gxywh grid area, excluding scrollbars
Rxywh isigraph control size
SortIndex sort index
Sxywh grid area, including scrollbars.
Trws,Tcls rows and columns of total data
Txyst indices of total data.

CellDFmt - Formatted data corresponding to CELLDATA.

Crws,Ccls - (f) Number of rows and columns of CELLDATA. If data is real, these are the total rows and columns, if data is virtual, these are the rows and columns that are currently read in.

Cxyst - Indices of CELLDATA, top left and bottom right. For example, if CELLDATA is the entire data set, then Cxyst=: 0 0,<:$CELLDATA . If virtual, Cxyst is the indices of the subset of the total data represented by CELLDATA.

Gxywh - Subset of Rxywh used by grid only, excluding scrollbars.

Rxywh - Isigraph control size. Result of 0 ". wd 'qchildxywhx id'.

Sortindex - Sort indices. For example if CELLDATA is a matrix, then the original data is CELLDATA /: SortIndex.

Sxywh - Subset of Rxywh used by grid and scrollbars. If the grid fills the entire control size, then Sxywh is the same as Rxywh.

Trws,Tcls - (f) Number of rows and columns of total data. If data is real, these are the same as Crws,Ccls

Txyst - Indices of the total data, as 0 0,<:(#rows),(#cols).