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J can be used as a calculation server for APL, for example to provide extended integers and complex numbers, and as an interface to LAPACK or other systems. A working APL2000 workspace is available, and an older Dyalog workspace that needs updating to the current version of J. Please advise us if you fix up the Dyalog workspace, or make any other improvements to the code.


The file has a workspace that demonstrates calling the JDLL from APL+WIN. The workspace was created with APL+WIN V3.


The file has Dyalog workspaces that demonstrate calling J from Dyalog, as an OLE server, or as a DLL.

Note: these workspaces were written using J4, and need updating for the current version of J. The main change is that you need to run JInit at outset to get a handle for the JDLL, then use that handle in subsequent function calls. See the definitions of makejfns and jget etc. in the APL2000 workspace. Another change was in the memory addressing in jgetext (get extended precision).