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The SAX XML parser exhibits annoying, though acceptable behavior when working on a text node containing an embedded ampersand character, designated by &. This behavior, that there may be multiple callbacks from a "characters" callback, is documented on this page, which, ironically, is rendered very poorly.

Here's a method for dealing with this, adapted from some example code written by Oleg.

NB.* xmlEGboxed.ijs: use elements or attributes to fill boxed table

require 'xml/sax format'

saxclass 'pboxed'

startDocument=: 3 : 0
   LASTL=: L=: 0 [ S=: ''     NB. Level counter L, leading paths S.
   HREF=: ''                  NB. Stores attributes to get HREFs.
   Z=: i.0 2                  NB. Will contain final result.
endDocument=: 3 : 'Z'

startElement=: 4 : 0
   L=: >:L [ S=: S,<y
   if. y-:'bookmark' do.
       HREF=: x getAttribute 'href' end.

endElement=: 3 : 0
   L=: <:L [ S=: }:S

characters=: 3 : 0
   s2=. _2{.S
   if. s2 -: ;:'bookmark title' do.
       if. L~:LASTL do. Z=: Z,y;HREF              NB. Either initialize or
       else. Z=: (<y,~>(<_1 0){Z) (<_1 0)}Z end.  NB.  accumulate more.
   LASTL=: L

NB. =========================================================
cocurrent 'base'

This code is designed to accumulate bookmarked URLs with their corresponding titles.

Here's some sample XML with embedded ampersands.

egSmall=: 0 : 0
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE xbel PUBLIC "+//IDN XML Bookmark Exchange Language 1.1//EN//XML" "">
  <folder id="rdf:#$FvPhC3" folded="no">
    <title>Bookmarks Toolbar Folder</title>
    <desc>Add bookmarks to this folder & see them displayed on the Bookmarks Toolbar
    <bookmark href="">
      <title>Getting Started & Then Some</title>
    <bookmark href="" modified="1209052290">
      <title>Headlines & Deadlines</title>
    <bookmark href="" added="1146880810" visited="1209017433">
      <title>J Home & Homeboys</title>

Here's the result of using the code on this example:

   load 'xmlEGBoxed.ijs'
   process_pboxed_ egSmall
|Getting Started & Then Some||
|Headlines & Deadlines      |           |
|J Home & Homeboys          |             |