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NOTE: Essays/Schwarzschild has been superseded by Essays/TensorExperiments.


1. 'Applications of the Absolute Differential Calculus' by A. J. McCONNELL.
1. 'Tensor Analysis' by I. S. Sokolnikoff (Second Edition, 1964).
1. 'An Introduction to Tensor Calculus and Relativity' by Derek F. Lawden

In this essay J is used to implement some of the material contained in these

For convenience, the terminology of cosmology is used in some descriptions.

In a search for insight into how the electromagnetic field tensor might be
calculated, the Riemann-Christoffel tensor is calculated using Einstein's
tensor as the metric tensor.

... a quote from Sokolnikoff Section 38 ...



Download the script: File:Schwarzschild.ijs

Download: File:LSCXX00C.txt

Download MoinMoin source: File:SchwarzschildHD.ijs

Contributed by Tom Allen