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During a recent trip to the Bay area I found out in a casual conversation that Arthur Whitney, whom I have known for decades, has "Taylor" as his middle name. So, in the interest of equal treatment and idle curiosity, I asked a few past and current APLers for their middle names. Their answers, and a few I know from before, make up the following collection:

Adin Daniel Falkoff
Alan Jay Perlis
Alexey Ivanovich Miroshnikov
Andrew (Andy) Wicksteed Shiers
Anne-Birgitte (Gitte) Christensen
Arthur Taylor Whitney
Bjørn Helvig Christensen
Bob Asa Smith
Brian Paul Peter Becker
Carlo Alberto Spinicci
Catherine Janet Lathwell
Charles Hallam Brenner
Christopher (Chris) David Burke
Daniel (Dan) Baronet
David Greer Smith
Devon Herold McCormick
Donald Bertram McIntyre
Eric Bernard Iverson
Eugene (Gene) Edward McDonnell
Franklin (Frank) Benjamin Arthur
Geoffrey (Geoff) Roy Streeter
Henry Highsmith Rich
Ian Patrick Sharp
James (Jim) Allen Brown
James (Jim "APL2") Arthur Brown
Jay Maxwell Foad
Joey Keith Tuttle
John Joseph Daintree
John Morley Scholes
Jonathan Paul Manktelow
Kenneth (Ken) Eugene Iverson
Kristoffer Helvig Kromberg
Lawrence (Larry) Moser Breed
Marshall Ward Lochbaum
Mary Elizabeth (Lib) Gibson
Michael Jonathan Alexander Berry
Michael (Mike) Alexander George Jenkins
Morten John Kromberg
Nikolay (Nic) Georgiev Nikolov
Paul Conrad Berry
Per Helvig Christensen
Phil George Last
Raymond (Ray) Guy Cannon
Richard (Dick) Henry Lathwell
Richard Oliver Smith
Robert (Bob) Bernecky
Robert (Rob) Donald Hodgkinson
Roger Duncan Moore
Roger Kwok Wah 國華 Hui 許
Roland Henry Pesch
Roy Arnold Sykes, Jr.
Simon Paul Garland
Stefano Maria Lorenzo Lanzavecchia
Stephen John Taylor
Wai-Mee 惟微 Ching 程
Wilfred Frederick (Fred) Appleyard