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In the code panel of the Debug window:

> marks the suspended line, same as the initial run line
- marks the run line, if moved back from the suspended line
+ marks the run line, if moved forward from the suspended line
* marks a stop on a specific line
| marks a stop on all lines

Toolbar Commands

Command Shortcut Description
run F5 continue execution at the run line
step into F6 continue execution at the run line, stopping on the next line, or on the first line of any definitions on the run line
step over Enter, F7 continue execution at the run line, stopping on the next line, or earlier stop
step out F8 continue execution at the run line, stopping on the next line of the calling function. Does not stop again in the current definition, except where stops have been set.
cutback cuts back stack to calling function
back move run line back one line. Does not undo sentences already executed
refresh refresh Debug window, and restore run line to suspended line
forward move run line forward one line. Does not execute the run line
stop name set stops on all lines on name at cursor position, or, if the entire line is selected, on all names on the line. If successful, highlights the name, or entire line of code.
stop manager manage the stop settings
watch manager manage the watch names
view stack view the stack in a text viewer
dissect cursor/current run dissect on the line containing the cursor, or the run line if there is no selection
toggle autodissection when set, run dissect automatically when a stop occurs
clear reset stack and clear the Debug window. Leaves suspension on.

Other Commands (not on Toolbar)

Command Shortcut Description
shortcut help Ctrl+H shortcut help
topmost Ctrl+T toggles the topmost attribute, which keeps the Debug window always on top. topmost is set to 1 when Debug is loaded; Ctrl+T toggles it, and it is persistent between invocations of Debug within a single J session.
writeline Ctrl+W writes the current line to the execution session
run next Ctrl+Shift+F5 continue execution at next sentence, see below
stop line F9 toggle stop on line at the cursor position
remove stops Ctrl+Shift+F9 remove all stops

run next

If the run line is the same as the suspended line, this executes the next sentence, or the next line if none. Note that several sentences may be included on one line, separated by control words.

If the run line has been moved away from the suspended line, then run next has the same effect as the run button.