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General Articles

A Note on Programming Style Roger K.W. Hui & Kenneth E. Iverson
File:Aplj.pdf (pdf) Chris Burke
Array Processing with J (pdf) Milan Ondrus
Data Rummaging with J Joey Tuttle
File:Jacobs.pdf (pdf) Jan Jacobs (Computing & Control Engineering Journal December 2002)
Elegant Programming: #~ 1: = #@q: Chris Burke
Elegant Programming: &. dfh Chris Burke
Extended Integers in J Roger K.W. Hui
J for the APL Programmer Chris Burke and Roger K. W. Hui (updated version in wiki)
JGMM, Mixture Model in J for Density Estimation and Classification Pierre-Edouard Portier
J Team wins Judge's Prize in the ICFP'98 Functional Programming Contest Roger K.W. Hui
J4 and OOP Chris Burke
Little JOBS and Big JOBS John D. Baker
Memory Mapped Files in J Chris Burke
Notation as a Tool of Thought Kenneth E. Iverson (1979 Turing Award Lecture)
Rank and Uniformity Roger K.W. Hui
Seven Great Blunders of the Computing World Neville Holmes
Sparse Arrays in J Roger K.W. Hui
Using J with OLE2 Building Configuration Software for SAP AG Duncan Pearson & Adrian Smith
Zero Divided by Zero Eugene McDonnell

At Play With J

The following articles by Eugene McDonnell are from his series “At Play With J” in Vector. They are also available as a book from Lulu and Amazon.

  1. How the Roll Function Works V8#3
  2. MIMD Machines V10#2
  3. Prime Factorisation V10#3
  4. The 10,000,000,000th prime number V10#4
  5. Control structures V11#1
  6. Jacobi's Method V11#3
  7. Cribbage 15s V11#4
  8. Representations of a Permutation V12#1
  9. The Bauer-Mengelberg Problem V12#2
  10. Heron's Rule & Integer-Area Triangles V12#3
  11. Year's Digits for 1996 V12#4
  12. Riding a Unicycle V13#1
  13. Volutes V13#2
  14. Extended Integers V13#3
  15. Stumping the Rocket Scientist V13#4
  16. Oh, No, Not Eigenvalues Again! V14#1
  17. A Newer Random Link Generator V14#4
  18. To Summarise V15#1
  19. Maximum Infix Sums V15#2
  20. Crosswords and Life V15#3
  21. New Model Computer V15#4
  22. New Big Deal V16#1
  23. We'll Cross That Bridge When We Come To It V16#3
  24. An Open And Shut Case V16#4
  25. Blists in OLEIS V17#1
  26. Someone Just Moved! Who Was It? V17#2
  27. Four Cubes Redux V17#3
  28. Erdos Numbers & Pierce & Engel Expansions V17#4
  29. Boggle V18#1
  30. The Counterfeit Coin Problem V18#3
  31. Second-order Josephus V18#4
  32. J Be Nimble, J Be Quick V19#1
  33. Beware Scholes! V19#3
  34. Pick A Card, Any Card V19#4
  35. Greed V20#1
  36. The Magical Matrix V20#2
  37. Giddyap V20#3
  38. Jacob's Ladder V20#4
  39. The Google Test V21#1
  40. Metlov's Triumph V21#4
  41. Belgian Numbers V22#1
  42. Token Counting: APL versus J V22#3

Fifty Shades of J

This is a book by Norman Thomson, available in the wiki at Fifty Shades of J. The original material was a series of articles by Norman Thomson in Vector, see Articles/J-ottings.

Vector Articles

The following are some articles on-line at Vector.

General Interest

J Solution to Enigma 685 Dave Ziemann V10#2
A Note on the Easter Algorithm in J Keith Smillie V10#3
Fast Fourier Transforms, Diffraction Patterns, and J Ned W. Allis, Jeffrey P. Dumont, Flynn J. Heiss, Clifford A. Reiter V16#3
Hyperbolic Symmetry is a Breeze Cliff Reiter V17#3
Working with Existing Ascii Files Using J Memory Mapping Donald B. Pittenger V17#3
Web Image Galleries Made Routine Clifford Reiter V18#1
The Image2 Addon Clifford A. Reiter and Zachary X. Reiter V18#3
Review of “J: the Natural Language for Analytic Computing” Cliff Reiter V18#3
Inner Product Fractals from Fuzzy Logics Angela Coxe V19#2
Boolean Hexagonal Automata Angela Coxe and Cliff Reiter V19#3
Taming Barrel and Tilt Distortion Cliff Reiter V20#1
Solving the “Now I Know” Problem in J Howard A. Peelle V20#2
Using J in Excel Richard Hill V21#1
Celtic Knotwork in J Michael Horton V21#1
Time(r) for the Game of Life Cliff Reiter V21#3
CRCOMPARE in J Adam Dunne V21#4
Thoughts on the URN Problem E.A. Clough V21#4
A Sudoku Solver Roger Hui V21#4
Integer Apollonian Circle Packings in J Cliff Reiter V22#4
APL - a Glimpse of Heaven Bernard Legrand V23#1
3-D Cellular Automata and the Game of Life Timothy K. Zirkel V23#3
Tacit J and I Neville Holmes V23#3
GPS and J Propel an Adirondack Hiking Guide Cliff Reiter V23#3
A J Simulator for a Meccano Differential Analyzer Keith Smillie V23#3
Partitions of numbers: an efficient algorithm in J R.E. Boss V23#4
Cauchy Curves William R. Jones & Cliff Reiter V24#1
Quick calculation of Kendall’s Rank Correlation Distribution Gordon Sutcliffe V24#1
Generating combinations in J efficiently R.E. Boss V24#2&3
In Session: On average Roger Hui V24#2&3
A commentary on the formulator Neville Holmes V24#4
Simulating the Enigma Keith Smillie V24#4
Odd-order magic squares expressed in J John C. McInturff V25#1
What is it about infinity? Sylvia Camacho & Graham Parkhouse V25#1
Bicubic Interpolation in J Cliff Reiter V25#3
What is it about infinity? Norman Thomson V25#3
Savitzky-Golay interpolation for smoothing values and derivatives David Porter and Cliff Reiter V25#4
Fibonacci and golden spirals Cliff Reiter V26#1
L-systems in J R.E. Boss V26#1
All integer partitions: J programs compared Howard A. Peelle V26#2
Squares, neighbours, probability, and J John C. McInturff V26#2
Using J for Actuarial Applications Part 1: The Chain-Ladder Method Jeremy Smith V26#4
Larger than life automata Cliff Reiter in press

Backgammon Tools

Section 2 is currently unavailable

Backgammon tools in J: 1. Bearoff expected rolls Howard A. Peelle V24#2&3
Backgammon Tools in J: 2. Wastage Howard A. Peelle V24#4
Backgammon Tools in J: 3. Two-sided bearoff probabilities Howard A. Peelle V25#4
Backgammon Tools in J: 4. Ace-point bearoffs Howard A. Peelle V26#4

Vector Series - Functional Calculation

Functional calculation 0: Numerical Aperitif Neville Holme V23#3
Functional calculation 1: Numerical Ingredients Neville Holme V23#4
Functional calculation 2: The year 1997 Neville Holmes V24#1
Functional calculation 3: Structural Ingredients Neville Holmes V24#2&3
Functional calculation 4: The year 1998 Neville Holme V23#4
Functional Calculation 5: Operations Neville Holmes V25#1

Journal of J


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