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This page lists the various steps required to create an addon.

  • You need update access to the Jsoftware repositories. For this contact Bill Lam or Chris Burke.
  • Checkout the Addons repository. To commit a new addon, you need only check out the trunk. It is best to do so in a directory outside of your normal J directory. For example, in a command window:
svn co d:\addons
  • If your application was built with Project Manager, you should create a Folder name Addons that points to this directory, so that in J:
   jpath '~Addons'

This lets you browse the Addons repository from within J. Change your own project file to use the ~Addons prefix for filenames.

  • Define VERSION in manifest.ijs as empty until you are ready to release your addon for use.
  • Copy your files into this new subdirectory.
  • Teach svn to convert unix/dos line ending for text files.
  • Add the new subdirectory into svn, and then commit the changes. For example, in a command window:
cd \addons\web\cgi
svn propset svn:eol-style native *.ijs *.jproj *.ijp *.ijt *.txt *.htm *.html
cd ..
svn add cgi
svn ci -m "first commit of web\cgi addon"
  • review the JAL/Build Log and ensure that the build was run. On any error, check the manifest.ijs script and commit any changes.
  • visit the appropriate JAL page listing the addons, e.g. JAL/j602, then click on the link for your new addon to create a wiki page for the addon documentation.

For help, email specific issues to <<MailTo(jal AT SPAMFREE jsoftware DOT com)>>, or general comments to the general forum.