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The j808 beta cycle started in Oct 2018. A j808 release is likely around ???.

For installation, see Installation/Beta.

Changes to the J engine

J808 beta-a (unreleased work in progress)

Incompatible change: 18!:4 changed. Users should be using this under its system name cocurrent or coclass; those uses are unchanged. If you misguidedly use 18!:4 directly, you will see that its side effects have changed: previously it altered the current locale in the name calling the name that uses 18!:4 only if there was no subsequent named execution in the name executing 18!:4; now it always causes the caller to continue on in the locale in effect when the called name exits.

Parser refinement: For parsing purposes, the execution of a verb is assumed to produce a noun, and the execution of a fork is assumed to produce a verb.

Specification change: If the right-to-left processing of the words of a sentence encounters a sequence that must inevitably lead to a syntax error, it is undefined whether or not the rest of the sentence will be parsed and executed. Examples of such sequences include & =. and ('a' 5)

Change in behavior of numbered locales:

  1. the locale numbers returned by conew '' are no longer guaranteed to be issued in ascending order. Once a numbered locale has been deleted, its number may be reused. To make debugging easier, numbers are not reused until several thousand numbered locales have been created, and then they are reused in the order they were deleted
  2. accessing a nonexistent numbered locale now produces locale error rather than creating the locale.


  • new feature: numbered locales can be referred to by indirect locatives that are an integer atom or a boxed integer atom (rather than a boxed string). Such locatives can be processed quicker because they do not have to be validated and converted to a number. If you have (obj =: conew parameters) you can replace that with (obj =: 0&".@> conew parameters) and get a performance improvement every time you execute (name__obj).
  • The support code that prepares for execution of verbs/adverbs/conjunctions has been restructured for speed
    • Parsing recoded, including matching of the parsing table, which is now very fast
    • Named execution recoded, reducing overhead
    • Name re-lookup avoided on names that are repeatedly executed (for example name"0)
    • Explicit-definition execution recoded, giving ~15% improvement on definitions whose sentences are quick
  • Odometer function (#: i.@:(*/)) y recoded, 2-3x faster
  • Partitioning modifiers, and some verbs, modified to use stack space rather than heap space for most cases
  • u^:v faster when v returns atomic value 0 or 1
  • x -: y faster on boxed arrays, especially when the boxes refer to the same memory areas
  • the dispensation on virtual arrays, which allows them to be boxed without being realized only when they are to be immediately opened, is detected in more cases. For example in (x (f g&.> <;.1) y) the result of <;.1 may contain virtual arrays because they will be immediately opened.
  • Lookups for numbered locales much faster

Changes to the base system

Changes to the Qt IDE