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The j808 beta cycle started in Oct 2018. A j808 release is likely around ???.

For installation, see Installation/Beta.

Changes to the J engine

J808 beta-a (unreleased work in progress)

Incompatible change: 18!:4 changed. Users should be using this under its system name cocurrent or coclass; those uses are unchanged. If you misguidedly use 18!:4 directly, you will see that its side effects have changed: previously it altered the current locale in the name calling the name that uses 18!:4 only if there was no subsequent named execution in the name executing 18!:4; now it always causes the caller to continue on in the locale in effect when the called name exits.

Parser refinement: For parsing purposes, the execution of a verb is assumed to produce a noun, and the execution of a fork is assumed to produce a verb.

Specification change: If the right-to-left processing of the words of a sentence encounters a sequence that must inevitably lead to a syntax error, it is undefined whether or not the rest of the sentence will be parsed and executed. Examples of such sequences include & =. and ('a' 5)

  • The support code that prepares for execution of verbs/adverbs/conjunctions has been restructured for speed
    • Parsing recoded, including matching of the parsing table, which is now very fast
    • Named execution recoded, reducing overhead
    • Name re-lookup avoided on names that are repeatedly executed (for example name"0)
    • Explicit-definition execution recoded, giving ~15% improvement on definitions whose sentences are quick
  • Odometer function (#: i.@:(*/)) y recoded, 2-3x faster
  • Partitioning modifiers, and some verbs, modified to use stack space rather than heap space for most cases

Changes to the base system

Changes to the Qt IDE