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The J system includes the Dictionary, an interpreter, and a library of scripts. These scripts were written to help the J programmer solve common tasks. The library is analogous to the Java's API, .NET's Framework, or Perl's CPAN (see note).

Scripts included with J

The primary scripts compose J's "standard library", and are loaded automatically by interpreter upon startup (in the default configuration, see note). They place their definitions in the z locale, which is at the top of every search path, so they're always available. These scripts are:

insert description of std library here

insert description of loading ones own utilities on startup here (mention j.exe vs jconsole)

Secondary scripts are available upon a request of the form require 'word' where word is one of the following:

insert description of `PUBLIC_j_` scripts here

insert description of modifying `PUBLIC_j_` for one's own convenience here

Tertiary scripts are also available, and consist of the remainder of the scripts in J's library (including addons). These must be loaded with an a qualified path that J understands. These scripts are, broken down by path:

Include description of `~/pathroot` here

Include full listing of standard J library here

For example, load '~system\packages\misc\base64.ijs'.


Except, unlike CPAN, J Software retains total control over the library. If you wish to produce utility scripts for other J programmers, you can:

A. Create an Addon, A. Publish it via Subversion, or A. Display it on the Wiki, or A. Distribute it via the J Forums (if it's short).

If your contribution is really useful and well polished, JSoftware might include it with the standard distribution, as they have, for example, for printf by Henry Rich and task by Oleg Kobchenko.

Include description of $j.exe -profile here.