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Keyboard shortcuts

This page documents the default shortcut key combinations for J8.

Note: Ctrl is the ⌘ Command key on OSX.

Note: Android does not support keyboard shortcuts.

Qt IDE Shortcuts

Edit window Term window
Ctrl+ Shift+Ctrl+ Ctrl+ Shift+Ctrl+
a Select all Select all
b Toggle Sidebar Remove NB.
c Copy Copy
d Show Input Log Show Input Log
e Run Selection Run all lines
f Find Find in Files Find Find in Files
g Recent Recent
j Advance Lab topic Advance Lab topic
k Add NB.---
l Load script Add NB.===
m Open 2nd Edit window Open Edit window
n New script Add NB. New temp script
o Open temp script Open temp script
p Pretty-print (format)
q Quit Quit
r Run line Run line and show
s Save script Save all scripts
t Switch to Term window Clear Term window Clear Term window
v Paste Paste
w Close Tab Close all other Tabs
x Cut Cut
y Redo
z Undo Redo
F1 Vocabulary Context Sensitive Vocabulary Context Sensitive
F5 Run Test Run Test
F8 Run Clipboard Run Clipboard
F9 Run Project Build Project Run Project
F10 Run all lines
Enter Run line & advance Run line, advance, show

There are 6 virtual function keys at the bottom of the Term window for Android. F2 to F5 are reserved for future use.

Qt IDE Virtual Function Keys (Android only)

Term window
F1 Show WD Form
F2 Mark copy/cut start
F6 Advance Lab topic

JHS IDE Shortcuts

esc key escapes next key to be a shortcut

For example, esc j links to jijx page.

Menu items document shortcuts on the right.

esc 1 sets focus on menu.

esc 2 sets focus to page default.

You can user ctrl+. instead of esc.