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Subversion is an open source version control system that allows you to manage your files and directories over time. See Subversion/User Guide for an overview.

We host Subversion repositories on our server and allow/accept hosting of J-related projects. Each repository can be accessed directly with subversion, or via a browser interface using websvn. The corresponding urls, for example for the public repository, are:        svn       websvn

Current public repositories, with websvn links, are:

  • addons    [1]
    source for addons and misc scripts contributed by J users
  • base     [2]
    source for the base scripts and related files included with the J distribution
  • base7     [3]
    source for the J7 scripts and related files included with the J distribution
  • base8     [4]
    source for the J8 scripts and related files included with the J distribution
  • public     [5]
    general purpose public repository
  • web      [6]
    scripts for web-related programming

There is also a sandbox repository accessible by svn only, at [7].

To link Subversion sources using InterWiki use the following prefixes
   JSvn: for Subversion root, e.g. addons/trunk/data/sqlite/manifest.ijs
   JSvnBase: for Base sources, e.g. main/main/dll.ijs ,
   JSvnBase7: for Base7 sources, e.g. main/main/dll.ijs ,
   JSvnBase8: for Base8 sources, e.g. main/main/dll.ijs ,
   JSvnAddons: for Addons, e.g. data/sqlite/manifest.ijs ,
   JSvnPublic: for Public, e.g. jfiles/keyfiles.txt .

Please contact Bill Lam or Chris Burke for project hosting, write/commit access to a project, inquiries, clarifications or any repository related request.

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