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Jd Licensing

Jd is Copyright 2017 by Jsoftware Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jd is provided "AS IS" without warranty or liability of any kind.

Jd should only be used under a Jd key that is appropriate to the use.

Evaluation and non-commercial use is inexpensive and this encourages use and will help build the talent pool of J programmers familiar with Jd. Their active participation in the J forums will provide depth and experience in Jd support.

License fees are in USD.

Send questions to jsoftware.com, address jdinfo.


You are encouraged to join the J database forum.

Support is free through J forums and stackoverflow. Separate support agreements with Jsofware, other companies, and individual consultants are available.

Key Overview

Jd requires a key purchased from Jsoftware.

A key:

  • can be installed on any number of machines
  • is owned by one person - ownership can be passed or loaned to another person
  • is valid forever for Jd versions earlier than (date-issued + update-months)
  • can be renewed before updates run out at the same price and conditions

You must have a Professional key to do development used by others.


Click BUY when you are ready to purchase the key appropriate for you.

Key Types and Prices

Evaluation - $20 - paypal

  • valid for 2 months

Educational - $130 - paypal

  • student, academic, retired, hobbyist, unpaid intern, etc.
  • non-commercial use only
  • updates for 12 months
  • for use only by key owner

Individual - $600 - paypal

  • updates for 12 months
  • for use only by key owner

Professional - $3000 - paypal

  • updates for 12 months
  • apps and direct use by anyone
  • for development only by key owner

Enterprise - $12,000/year

  • for any number of developers
  • no use restrictions
  • inquire for details

Keeping it real simple

Jsoftware provides no Jd License paperwork or boilerplate. If you require more formality, we'll consider anything you provide.