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Glossary and Index

An Implementation of J

An explanation is provided for significant names in the system. Names spelled with majuscules denote defined types (typedef) or #define constants and macros; those spelled with minuscules denote C functions and variables.

Each entry has a name, its frequency of occurrence, and a brief description.

A	1157	the data type of an array; the data type for a BOX array
a	1855	the left argument of a verb
a0j1	9	the complex atom 0j1
AF	58	the data type of a function that takes array arguments and returns an array result
AH	16	the number of words in the header of an array, excluding the shape
ainf	14	the floating point atom _
AN(x)	759	the n part of an array (the number of atoms in the value part)
APL		A Programming Language
apv(n,b,m)	96	the arithmetic progression vector b+m*i.n
AR(x)	581	the r part of an array; the rank of an array
AS(x)	477	the s part of an array; the shape of an array
asgn	10	1 if assignment is last operation on a user input line
assembly code
ASSERT(p,e)	822	signal error e if proposition p is not true
AT(x)	733	the t part of an array; the type of an array
atomic representation
atomic verb

B	706	the data type for a B01 array
B01	160	Boolean array type (BOOL conflicts with C usage)
Bernecky, Robert
Berry, Paul
BOX	115	boxed array type
box drawing character
boxed display
boxed representation
bp(t)	92	the number of bytes per atom of type t
Burke, Chris

C	566	the data type for a LIT array
CMPX	83	complex number array type
comparison tolerance
conventional function		a function that returns zero on zero arguments and on errors
cstr(s)	93	a string with value the characters in the 0-terminated string s

df1(w,self)	90	apply the monad of the verb self
df2(a,w,self)	67	apply the dyad of the verb self
DO(n,stmt)	905	execute n times the statement stmt, with local variable i running from 0 to n-1
ds(s)	151	the primitive whose ID is s

enqueue(a,w)	3	prepare sentence w for parsing; a is wordil(w)
EPILOG(x)	82	free temporary storage used since the last PROLOG, then return x
error handling
evinit	3	initialize the error messages
evm	7	a list of the error messages

F1(f)	705	define f as a monadic verb or an adverb
F1RANK(r,f1,self)	52	implements monadic rank r on the verb self whose monad is f1
F2(f)	326	define f as a dyadic verb or a conjunction
F2RANK(l,r,f2,self)	30	implements dyadic ranks l and r on the verb self whose dyad is f2
Falkoff, Adin
fit		the conjunction !. that produces variants of a verb
FL	115	floating point array type
folk(x,y,z)	53	implements a trident (fork conflicts with UNIX usage)
foreign conjunction
formatted display
free(x)		C library routine; frees memory block x previously allocated by malloc
fuzz	13	a system parameter used in domain tests

GA(t,n,r,s)	583	create an array of type t of rank r and shape s, with n atoms
global variables

header		the non-value parts of an array, offset, flag, max bytes, type, etc.
Hui, Roger

I	1537	the data type of an INT array
ID		a one-byte value that identifies a primitive
iden(w)	6	the identity function for verb w
immediate execution
immex(w)	7	"immediate execution" on w, displaying the result if the last operation is not assignment
INT	390	integer array type
inv(w)	21	the obverse for verb w
invamp	3	the obverse for verb w which is of the form x&v or v&y
invf	2	a 2-row table of primitives whose obverses are also primitive
iv0	17	,2-2, the integer vector 0
iv1	18	,2-1, the integer vector 1
Iverson, Eric
Iverson, Kenneth E.

J	606	the data type for jt
jerr	104	the current error number, or 0 if no current error
jsignal(e)	24	signal error number e
jt	2557	points to a structure of all the global variables for a J instance

Kiln Farm

linear representation
LIT	566	literal (character) array type (CHAR conflicts with C usage)

malloc(n)		C library routine; allocate n bytes of memory
memory management
McDonnell, Eugene
McIntyre, Donald
mtm	44	the empty matrix i.0 0
mtv	73	the empty vector i.0

name resolution
NB.		comment
neg1	22	the integer atom _1
NEVM	9	the number of error messages
numeric display

one	98	the Boolean atom 1

pdef	113	initialize the pst table
pie	5	the floating point atom p (pi conflicts with C usage)
pinit	3	initialize the pst table
program files
PROLOG	85	establish a checkpoint for temporary storage usage
pst	16	primitive symbols definition table

queue		data structure for parsing

R	2510	an alias for return
rank1ex(w,fs,r,f1)	16	execute fs"r w; f1 is the monad of fs
rank2ex(a,w,fs,l,r,f2)	29	execute a fs"(l,r) w; f2 is the dyad of fs
ravel		the atoms of an array, in ravelled (row major) order
RE(x)	220	return 0 if an error is signalled in executing x
recognized phrase
rhematic rules
RZ(x)	1537	return 0 if x is 0

sc(k)	217	an integer atom with value k; equivalent to sc4(INT,k)
sc4(t,k)	5	an atom of type t with 4-byte value k
scc(c)	17	a literal atom with value c
scf(x)	26	a floating point atom with value x
self	148	an array representing the current verb
special code
spell	5	a 3-row table defining the primitive words
spellin(n,s)	5	the ID of the word in the length-n string s
spellout(c)	19	spell out the word whose ID is c
str(n,s)	52	a string (literal list) of length n with value the characters pointed to by s
SYMB	11	symbol table array type
symbis(a,w,g)	10	assign the name a to array w in symbol table g
symbol table
symbrd(w)	10	retrieve the value for name w from the current symbol table
system summary

test scripts
thorn1(w)	18	implements the monad ":
tokens(w)	16	tokenize sentence w; convert w into a parse queue
tpop(x)	15	free temporary storage used since the checkpoint x
tree representation
two	24	the integer atom 2

V	88	the data type of a VERB array
v1(k)	15	the integer vector ,k
v2(a,b)	72	the integer vector a,b
value		the atoms of an array, in ravelled (row major) order
VAV(x)	191	the value part of a VERB array
vec(t,n,v)	81	a vector of length n of type t, with values pointed to by v
VERB	185	verb array type; the type of an array representing a verb
vi(x)	45	"verify integer", convert x to integer

w	3207	the right argument of a verb
Whitney, Arthur
word formation
word parallel
wordil(w)	5	the words in sentence w as a 2-column table of index and length

X	130	the data type for an XNUM array
XNUM	107	extended-precision integer array type

Z	130	the data type for a CMPX array
zero	129	the Boolean atom 0

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