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The following is a list of addon categories and brief descriptions.

api Application programming interfaces
arc Archivers, files, zips etc.
convert Conversions
data Database
demos Demos
docs Generation, conversion, retrieval of documentation
finance Financial
format Formats, rendering and reports
games Games
general General-purpose utilities
gui GUI utilities
graphics 2d, 3d graphics and planar graphs
ide Integrated development environment
media Images, sounds, audio/video processing
math Mathematics
migrate Migration aids
net Communications, Sockets and other ports
shell Shell programming (command line)
stats Statistics
tables Spreadsheets, CSV, etc.
types Representations of dates, numerals, currency
web Web programming
xml XML-related

Categories for new addons should be chosen carefully to match and reflect the meaning and purpose, especially avoiding the general category when a more specific category exists.

The following category names are reserved:

    • config is for addons configuration
    • category/misc is for single file scripts, such as from the Scripts page
    • system, user, etc. are not used, to avoid conflict with any J top directory.

Please contact <<MailTo(jal AT SPAMFREE jsoftware DOT com)>> if you are unsure which category best matches your addon or want to discuss adding new categories.